Dry feed scales and mixers

Cone blender

Polem's cone blender ensures the perfect mixing of dry ground products with moisture retaining products. Products of various compound feeds or single products can be blended with products such as CCM.mks, pressed pulp, crushed or milled grain, bread crumbs etc. Polem's cone blender mixes products within a few minutes.

Properties of Polem's cone blender

  • Easy operation
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Choice between fully automatic or manual modes of operation

The perfect combination

Polem's cone blender can be combined with weighing and proportioning systems. The advantage of this system is that all components are automatically proportioned, perfectly mixed and accurately served to the different animals or feeding systems in the stables.

The moist products can be added manually or proportioned automatically with Polem's CCM dosing unit. The cone blender can be connected to the feeding machine. Closed cone blenders can conducted using a hammer mill.