Polem's Air-control is an innovation that regulates the climate and dust levels inside the silo. This is essential during the filling process of the silo. The Air-control furthermore ensures quality preservation of the stored product.

Offers technical innovations in the field of:

  • The conditioning of silos
  • The filling of silos
  • The venting of silos
  • The prevention of silos against overpressure

Conditioning of the silos

As a result of sun exposure, the temperature within the silo can easily reach 50˚C. Decreasing temperatures outside lead to condensation formation inside the silo. The Air-control's design enables natural ventilation, ensuring the temperature inside the silo remains virtually the same as the outside temperature. The result is there will be no condensation, no formation of feed residues against the roof and wall of the silo, no mould formation, no contaminated feeds, etc.

Filling of the silos

Polem's Air-control consists of an integrated and seamless blower pipe, made of high-quality steel. The Air-control decreases dust formation and reduces damage to the product. The Air-control has a long lifespan as a result of its shape and the material of the blower pipe.

Venting of the silos

Polem's Air-control is equipped with a dust filter on the roof of the silo. This filter ensures that both small and large feed particles remain in the silo. At the same time, air is transferred to outside the silo. This way, the use of venting pipes and the dragging with the familiar dust bags will no longer be necessary.

The prevention of silos against overpressure

The Air-control's built-in overpressure prevention system gives out a warning when the silo is overfilled. This system prevents damage to the silo and guarantees its safety. The Air-control ensures:

  • Freshness of the product during the storage phase.
  • A reduced chance of pests and mould formation
  • A reduced chance of feed infestation
  • Self-cleaning
  • 100% guarantee that received feed will end up in the silo
  • No need for venting pipes
  • No need for external dust collection
  • Silo is protected against overpressure
  • Low maintenance