Service & Maintenance

Polem supplies, delivers and assembles complete products. Before assembly, we test our products to ensure proper functioning of our silos with augers, dust filters, elongated filler pipes, etc. Our customers can be assured of our services, even years after the purchase of the silo. This is an additional benefit of your decision to choose for Polem's undisputed high quality silos. Despite the long lifespan of our polyester silos, it would be wrong to assume they do not need proper maintenance. Everything wears down over the years.

Some examples of maintenance works are:

  • Cleaning of the silos
  • Replacement of blower pipes and / or filler pipes
  • Elongation of filler and or venting pipes
  • Recognition and prevention of leakages
  • Reinforcement or replacement of silo support
  • Provide indoor silos with filler and venting pipes

Placement and assembly of:

  • Chute or drain valve
  • Air-cleaner dust filter
  • Air-grill silo ventilation
  • Level indicators
  • Funnel Bin Entry Hatch
  • Additional drainage of the silo or the auger