Replacement and assembly

The placement and assembly of the silos come as our standard services. Polem's experts will take care of proper delivery and on site assembly of the silo. Additional augers, proportioning units etc., will be placed and installed by our expert specialists. Therefore Polem can guarantee optimal performance of the silo. Apart from the assembly of the silo itself, our maintenance staff are experts in the placement and / or assembly of:

  • Air-cleaners
  • Air-grill – silo venting
  • Level indicators
  • Cone inspection hatch
  • Additional drainage of the silo or the auger


In due course, replacement of the silo or auger components may be necessary. Polem's mechanics will provide maintenance services to both our own products as products of other brands. Polem provides a wide range of replacement services, such as:

  • The replacement of top blowers and / or filler pipes
  • Silo foundations
  • Polyester components
  • Furthermore, Polem provides cleaning services.

Polem will evaluate each individual situation before sending their mechanics to fix the job. We make an estimation of the proceedings required and the components to be replaced. This allows us to inform our customers of the envisioned replacement costs while at the same time avoiding unnecessary waste of time.

Relocation of existing silos

There are various reasons why a properly functioning silo may have to be relocated, such as renovation of the stables, relocation of the feeding troughs or refurbishments. To prevent damage to or disruption of the silo, our experts at Polem can arrange the relocation of a silo. Polem offers silo relocation services for silos of other brands as well.