Wet by-product silos

Polem offers special silos for storage of wet by-products from the food industry. The preservation of these products is crucial. The storage has been designed especially for the best possible preservation of the nutrition value. During the design of the silo, extra attention has been paid to the varying viscosity and aggression of the products.


  • Polem’s wet by-product storage silos
  • Are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP).
  • Have smooth and seamless inner walls.
  • Have a long lifespan.
  • Are equipped with stainless steel agitator and / crusher partitions
  • Can be used for temperatures of up to 50°Celsius

The excellent outflow of the wet by-products has been made achievable through a combination of the shape and material of the silo. These have been designed to facilitate the easy outflow of the wet by-products. As a result, the cleaning process of the silos is easy and straight-forward. This is necessary to guarantee the preservation and nutrition value of each new batch / supply / stock of products. Polem offers professional service during the delivery and on site assembly of the silos.


Polem has various silo configurations for wet by-products. These variations include:

  • A diameter of 280cm, 300cm or 350cm.
  • Height (capacity): between 35m3 – 100 m3   
  • Agitator type: 1,2 or 3 agitator blades


Polem can equip the silos with a variety of agitators, designed especially for the use of wet by-products. This prevents segregation of the product. Furthermore, Polem offers the possibility to equip the silos with product crushers and a filling point. The available accessories are the following:

  • White, grey or green coatings for the polyester parts
  • Application of sight strips
  • 6” gate valve with two flanges and lever control
  • Hoisting eye bolts.
  • Isolated wall.
  • Special design for protection against high temperatures and / or acid resistance
  • Skirt elongation
  • 6 legs or bridge support
  • Stainless steel product crusher partitions
  • Polem stainless steel agitator with drive motor and electrical cable in the sleeve