Multi-purpose silos

Polem has designed multi-purpose silos, especially for the need of the livestock sector. On the one hand, these silos are suitable for the storage of wet by-products; on the other hand they can be used for the storage of single products. These silos are marketed for customers who are involved in the dynamics of the availability of the traditional single products and by-products in the food industry. As Polem’s multi-purpose silos can be easily adjusted, they allow the customer to remain flexible. Naturally, these silos have been designed in such a way that the preservation of the stored products is guaranteed.


The multi-purpose silos:

  • Are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP)
  • Are made of material resistant to UV-radiation induced corrosion.
  • Have a smooth inner wall, which facilitates outflow of the product.
  • Polem offers professional service during the delivery and on site assembly of the silos.


A range of accessories for the multi-purpose silos are available. The silos are equipped with a filling point, product crushers and a stainless steel agitator.