Lime silos

A professional poultry farm feed stable is not complete without a Polem lime silo. These polyester silos have been designed especially for the storage of lime or shell grit. As a result of our year long experience, Polem knows the needs and the challenges concerning the storage of lime stone. Due to excellent design the product stays dry, and explosions, adhesion or obstruction of the product can be prevented. The stored product has to be properly dosed as well. Polem delivers and assembles the lime silos complete met a lime or grit proportioning system. As a result, the user can be guaranteed of a correct lime dosage. This contributes to the health of the poultry and the quality of the eggs.


  • Robust construction for high density bulk
  • Smooth and seamless inner wall to ensure easy outflow of the lime stone product
  • Made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP)
  • No condensation

Alongside all additional steel accessories, Polem offers design, production, delivery and on site assembly services.


  • A range of accessories are available at an extra charge.
  • Vent tubes
  • Explosion hatches