Flat bottom silos

Polem’s flat bottom silos are designed especially for products with a difficult outflow, such as cattle feed. These silos are equipped with a screw outlet system and a forced sweep auger which ensure a continuous product outflow, effectively preventing problems such as bridging or disruption of the product outflow. The flat bottom silos are provided with a system which prevents composition fluctuations in the products. Segregation does not stand a chance! The screw outlet system ensures a first in, first out (FIFO) flow.


Flat bottom silos:

  • Are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP)
  • Are made of material which is resistant to chemicals, corrosion and UV-radiation.
  • Smooth, seamless inner walls enable easy product outflow.
  • Large discharge capacity
  • Semi transparent
  • Average height (landscape friendly)
  • Suitable for all modern scaling and proportioning systems.

Alongside all additional steel accessories, Polem offers design, production, delivery and on site assembly services.


Polem offers silos in a range of configurations.  The variations are as follows:

  • Capacity: between 60 m3 – 100 m3
  • Diameter: 280cm, 300cm or 350cm


  • White, grey, or green coatings of the polyester parts
  • Application of sight strips
  • Hoisting eyes and leads.
  • Available in a range of capacities
  • Feed transport systems
  • Air-cleaner (dust filter for vent tubes)
  • Air-control (conditioning)