Artificial fertiliser silos

Polem offers special silos for the storage of artificial fertiliser. These silos are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP). This material is UV-resistant, which ensures the preservation of the fertiliser’s quality. Hot-dip galvanised support prevents the formation of rust. The silos are equipped with a filler pipe and have a standard drainage height of 200cm.


Polem’s artificial fertiliser silos:

  • Are easy to fill via the top blower.
  • Have a fully galvanised support, available in various sizes.
  • Are seamless silos with a smooth inner wall, facilitating excellent product outflow.
  • Drainage heights available between 200cm - 300cm.
  • Polem offers professional service during the delivery and on site assembly of the silos.


The artificial fertiliser silos are available in different heights. The available sizes range between 10 m3 - 25 m3.


For the artificial fertiliser silos Polem supplies a variety of accessories which facilitate the loading and cleaning process of the silos. Accessories:

  • Broader and / or higher support for type KM 240 SB
  • Slide control lever to the side or the front of the silo
  • PVC draining pipe
  • PVC draining pipe, diagonally Ø 25cm, suspension chain included
  • PVC dosator, diagonally Ø 25cm; with stainless steel slide Ø 26cm; schoortang, capacity approximately 50 litres
  • Blower pipe (galvanised), strengthened by manganese
  • Galvanised nuts and bolts replaced by stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Inspection cone inspection hatch on the roof
  • Diverging colour and / or sight strips
  • Bigger capacities available upon request