Customer service is of great importance to Polem. It is one of our main objectives to meet each and every customer’s individual expectation. This goes way beyond the delivery of a product. Combining good product performance with excellent customer service, Polem has demonstrated to be a reliable business partner to its customers. Without fail, Polem meets the commitments made to its customers, as well as to its suppliers, its employees and all other parties concerned. Polem has managed to build up this excellent reputation after many years of hard work, something our team of managers and employees take great pride of.

Polem continues to invest in its production processes. The sector continuously asks for adjustments, developments and improvements. Quality, delivery time and safety are our priority. What is more, Polem checks up on all processes taking place in the organisation on a daily basis, such as the design, transport and assembly processes. After all, Polem aims to be a reliable supplier.

On top of all this, our customers can rely on Polem’s extensive expertise. Our employees know the trends in the sector. They are experts in the field of material composition, so you can be assured that they know which materials to select for your project.  GRP, glass fibre reinforced polyester, is material which has excellent and reliable properties, but only when it is provided by the right supplier.